The premium leather we use to create our products will change with age, but taking care of your goods properly will maintain the high standard of the leather over time.

Here are the main do's and do not's of taking care of your Gweniss bags and accessories;


  • If your product gets wet, wipe dry with a cloth and leave to dry naturally.
  • Do not leave to dry in any sort of heat, including fireplaces and radiators as this can warp the shape of the bag and deteriorate the leather.
  • You can use leather wax or polish on your bag or accessory to maintain its shine if you like your bag to keep its brand new leather look.
  • If you have to clean your products, please only wipe with a damp cloth. Saddle soap can be used too, if necessary.
  • When not in use, store your Gweniss bag or accessory in its dustbag to protect from dust, dirt, and insects. 
  • Store in a cool, dry space where there is no chance of excess heat or sunlight which may bleach the color of your product and warp its shape.
  • As with all colored or dark leather, colors may bleed onto fabrics so be careful when wearing pale clothing.
  • Similarly, with our pale colored products, be wary of colors from dark clothing (in particular jeans) bleeding onto the product and staining the leather.


By following these simple care steps, you can help sustain the life of your Gweniss product for years and years to come.